Envision Clinical Laboratory is a CLIA certified Laboratory.

COVID-19 rapid antigen and PCR testing is available. Mobile service available to long term care senior facilities, schools, movie industry, entertainment venues, churches, homeless shelters, sports teams, travel industry. Regular surveillance testing is available. 

We are committed to providing accurate and timely results as well as outstanding customer service.

We’re working hard to provide the solutions and connections that can help us overcome this challenge together.

Same Day Rapid Antigen & PCR COVID-19 TESTS OFFERED

PCR tests remain the gold standard for detecting an active COVID-19 infection.

Community Mobile Testing NOW AVAILABLE

Envision Clinical mobile units helps in the efforts to ensure access to COVID-19 across Georgia organizations and underserved communities.

Symptoms of COVID-19

*This list is not all of the possible symptoms and signs of Covid-19. Call your medical provider for any other symptoms that are concerning to you.


Learn more about COVID-19 testing and schedule your test here. You may also call us to schedule.

The safety of our team members and community everyday is our number one priority. During this monumental time, we are taking several precautions to continue to safely serve the community. We follow local regulations and guidance regarding protective measures, such as consistent distance and symptom reminders. Regular disinfection is practised using hospital grade viral disinfectants.

We have signs and tape markers encouraging you to keep six feet of distance from others. 

We swab the anterior nares (front of the nose) to obtain a specimen. This means the discomfort of placing the swab and the back of the nose is not necessary. COVID tests have become more sensitive, therefore swabbing deep into the nasal cavity is not necessary unless otherwise requested by your doctor.

Results while you wait in 30-minutes or less. We will also email your results for ease of uploading to health travel visa applications.

Yes. We provide both PCR and antigen tests. It is the responsibility of the traveler to verify which test is required for entry to your destination. It is a good idea to check the travel website of your destination or the local consulate office.

21 Nov 2021

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Are you looking to take a vacation soon? With COVID-19 still very much an issue nationally and internationally, your travel plans might have an extra layer of red tape to cross.

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